Wood Stoves

Wood stoves have been a popular and effective way to warm a home since before Benjamin Franklin designed his circulating stove. Today’s wood stoves burn more efficiently and provide more heat than ever before. Designs have come a long way from the dingy black metal boxes of yesterday. Top manufacturers know the market and have designed wood burning stoves to meet any needs. They come in many different sizes and styles and finishes, enough to work with even the most modern home.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a wood stove.


Size is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a wood burning appliance. Our wood burning stoves vary in size, but they generally heat spaces from 1,000 square feet to 3,000 square feet.  Stoves with blowers are usually better for larger spaces, since their power and blowers evenly move hot air. Environmental conditions may influence how much space these stoves can heat. The physical size is also as important as the heating capacity.  Heating stoves require a certain distance from walls and combustibles in the front, sides, and back. Although most distance requirements are less than a foot, make sure the unit will fit appropriately in your room before purchasing yours.

Styles and Features

Today’s wood stoves are available in many styles from rustic to very contemporary.  They are available in front load, top load and side load models. Some units are available with ignition systems. Other options may include digital controls and blowers. With so many different options, there is a wood stove for virtually any home.

Installation Considerations

The area where your stove is installed must be clear of combustible surfaces such as walls and furniture. Stoves are required to rest on a non-combustible base or hearth pad. Newer stoves often require shorter clearances from combustible objects than older models because they include built-in heat shields.  Stoves that are UL listed (safety tested by an independent lab) will have minimum clearance distances printed in the owner’s manual. Some stoves include them on their model plate as well. We offer professional installation within our service area.