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Gas Grill Maintenance: Make your Grill Last Longer

Gas barbecue grills, which will soon be getting heavy-duty use at many homes, should be given a spring cleaning and checkup to ensure efficient and safe performance during the cookout season. Overall cleaning of a grill, to remove grease, dirt … Read More

Maintaining a Gas Log Fireplace

Gas log fireplaces are cleaner and easier to maintain than wood burning fireplaces. Properly inspecting and maintaining your gas log fireplace, though, creates a safer, more efficient fireplace while also possibly saving you money. Gas log fireplaces are safe to … Read More

The Advantages of Pellet Stoves

Home heating has progressed since the days of fireplaces with their ten percent efficiency. The Franklin stove was a major step forward from the fireplace in home heating. An equally large step forward is the pellet stove. There are several … Read More

Enjoy Your Fireplace More with Dry Firewood

A crackling fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to any room. It can serve as a focal point for family to gather and chase the chill from a cold night. But building the beautiful fire can also be an exasperating experience, … Read More

Wood Stoves: Catalytic Vs Non-Catalytic

Technological advances have made wood stoves considerably more efficient than those used by our forebears. Wood stoves are available either with catalytic combustion or without, but all wood stoves sold in the United States must meet EPA standards of not … Read More